“I have this letter for you, sir.”

A letter, now that was rare. I hoped it was from my dear aunt May from England. But holding the letter, there was no addresser. But curiosity caught hold, and i opened the envelope and pulled the single vellum sheet from within.

“Dear Michael Kent Warchester III,”

“I regrettably write to inform you that your dear aunt, Mariland Warchester, has passed. It happened quickly, in her sleep. Her will demands your immediate arrival and attention, as you are the last known living relative.”

My aunt had passed. I swallowed the heartache and continued reading.

“If you do not arrive by the end of summer, all items and estates will be delegated to a suitable person. Such person is a rival of your family and mine. Hurry, please.”

All that was undersigned was an elegantly written “K”. I knew I needed to depart immediately. I shove the letter into my jacket pocket, kept my pain swallowed, and thanked internally this mysterious K.

Written for the A to Z 2016 Challenge.



“Fasten the rope, tighter now.”

“He is about to jump, hurry it up!”

“Get ready, almost there.”

“Keep calm, there is no reason to jump…”

But jump he did.

Written for the A to Z 2016 Challenge.


Firing up them engines,
Revving loudly, staring ahead
Opponent besides, also igniting
Red light, yellow light, green light

Sweat beading, speeding faster
Burning through fuel on an empty tank.
Wheels turning at a burning rate.
Everything is blurring around.

Checkered flag in sight.

written for the A to Z 2016 Challenge.


“Hoping for a good grade, ya know?”

I smile at her, then let it fade as the teacher stepped in. She went straight from the door to her desk at the front of the class. In her arms was a bundle of papers, presumably the previous day’s test.

“There was only one person who passed this test.”

The entire class grew very quiet. That was never a good thing. That meant either a retest or a different grading scale. And neither were an option for most of the class.

I had spent the day before the test drinking with a friend. I knew I shouldn’t have, because I was still very hungover when I did the test. I pulled myself out of my thoughts as the teacher started slapping papers onto desks. Her slams were harder or lighter with each different person and as she slid the paper on my desk, she made hardly a noise. The rest of the class continued with the louder patterns of sounds. I was almost afraid of what my grade was.

As I take the paper and flip just part of it over, I nearly fainted with what I saw.


Written for day 7 of the A to Z 2016 Challenge.


He stood there, by a window. Drawing, painting, sprawling on the ground. He would stand and erase or redo a portion before running around. Paranoid and schizophrenic, he would suddenly jump to the ground.

He erased everything he started but what he wanted to erase most of all, he could not.

You can’t erase an empty canvas, only cover it.

Written as part of the A to Z 2016 challenge.