Saturday Updates

I guess updates are a Saturday kind of thing for me. So let’s get this thing a rollin’, shall we?

Today, I have posted chapter 3 of Waking Dream on Wattpad. Eventually I will get the tags done right and try to start drawing in readers. But let me summarize the kind if book it is below.

Waking Dream is a fantasy adventure novel, with a strong reliance on personal introspection and character growth, as well as some metaphysical themes that draws into question about reality as a whole.

The main character is David, who lived in our world. As he waits to see his longtime love for a date, he suddenly feels weak, and falls. Instead of Falling to the ground, he is pulled through the void to wake in a world completely different from our own. A world of magic and mystery. He feels that he is pushed to some unmentioned destiny, as angels, demons and other metaphysical beings try to return him to his true home.

How he survives, and where he goes, is all on learning to control his powers and his reality as a whole.

You can find the Wattpad version here.

Novel News:

Waking Dream has finally surpassed the 25k words mark! Current word count is at 25,095! I feel that I’m only about a quarter of the way through the books story, so I have quite a ways to go.

I have two current covers designated for the book, but those will be changed over time as the book progresses, or until I get an awesome artist to render me a strong cover. The cover designs are below.

Yes, the second version was literally made completely by yours truly. I don’t use art programs as much as I used to so it’s not perfect, but I will eventually get the design down and done right.

You can read the teaser chapter I released almost two weeks ago here for a better perspective about the deeper themes available in the book. And as always, I would love to hear what you guys think!


Live Long, First.

“Live long and prosper” – Spock

So I had a doctor’s appointment today that didn’t go very well. Honestly, yes, I admit I have not always been a healthy person so it did not come as much surprise to me. But the short of it is that at the ripe young age of 28, I have high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Yikes, not good.

Not going to go into detail over my poor eyes or my need of a dentist (which isn’t too bad, actually) but let’s talk about being healthy.

Just because you feel generally healthy does not mean you are. Cholesterol and blood pressure are just some of the warning signs. Mine are high, but not so high they’re deadly and catching them now gives me a chance to build up to a better, healthier living and keep going strong for years to come. So learning how to completely change my routine to better live to see my boys off to college and beyond is a new step for me.

Smoking be damned, there are several other things I was poor about throughout the last decade that I have to get better at. Today’s going to be about dieting and exercise, since those together will give me the greatest chances.

The doctor recommended a low fat diet, but gave no actual plan of action. That’s something you’ll need a nutritionist to figure out what would be best. But he did say not to fall for certain fab diets, and that “low fat” foods aren’t exactly the best way to go, either. I manage a kitchen like thing that serves fried foods as its main course, but the company as a whole is going for healthier options.

That being said, it isn’t exactly a fast move. There is still the fried wings and starches like there is no tomorrow, but it sells. But when you’re in a hurry for something to snack on during a busy work day, that fried chicken is going to be a hell of a lot quicker to scarf down than a half chicken that had been baked. And far cheaper, too. That is one thing, sadly, I will have to stop doing. Probably be best to stop eating work’s food all together and bring healthier snacks and lunches each day. That transition will not be easy by a long shot, but what’s there to say?

Then there is the “not enough time to cook” dilemma that needs to be addressed. Not just that I need to stop eating out so much for monetary reasons, but to lower the nasty bad cholesterol where my major source is. Cooking healthy foods and maintaining a good strong eating routine will be in the works. Hopefully it works out pretty well.

Exercise is a topic for another day. Walking all day ain’t cutting it, so there’s definitely going to be some hard changes a coming for that. Hopefully my bad numbers start coming down and my good ones start going up, but this is a chapter in my book of life I must start if I want to see the “Happily Ever After” ending, am I right?

Anyways! I hope you all have a great day, take advantage of your physicians if you have one, or get one and/or insurance if you don’t, and let’s all live to see “Happily Ever After” together!


Worry is a word that I hate to use. But I can’t help but worry, especially when it comes to writing. And sometimes I get so worked up that I can’t even continue where I am at. It’s odd, honestly, but sometimes the forms and directions don’t come as easily as I thought they would have. Then I begin to worry that I can’t work on any writing at all, and it causes me to look at writing with trepidation.

With as little time as I have been able to take with writing here lately, this is a double downer. Being unable to form more than a single sentence makes me feel less than a writer. Even saddens me. Then the trepidation really grows worse, and by the time I finally get back into the groove, a lot of the ideas have gone.

Maybe I just need to find time to write at least a little every single day. I know some authors have a daily goal of anywhere between 600-1200 words a day, minimally. I have been trying to do that myself, and even managed almost 2k in a couple nights ago. But ever since then, I haven’t been able to string a single phrase.

But after a bit of thinking, I went into the files and started to really look at what I had written. Part of it was a complete mess that made no sense. Was I on drugs? Hah, no, but it sure seemed like it. Maybe after a bit of editing (two full chapters need to be re-written, and some just added to because they are just too short) I will be able to get back towards my goal of minimally 90k words.

This book is going to either be the death of me, or I’ll end up giving up and never get it done. Let’s just hope neither happens and I can see my story bloom in other people’s eyes.

Hope everyone is having a productive day!

Progress Report

14,398 words, 15 chapters in.

And the anxiety sits in. As a writer attempting my first book, in a world of detraction and distraction, I have become worried about the story. As I stare at the last words i wrote the day before yesterday i wonder “Is my story good?” Or “is the passing wrong?”

But such is the questions I have been expecting to ask myself by this point. Gotta love it, for without anxiety or self-doubt there could be no progress, right?

Ah well, back to work.

Hope everyone is having a peaceful and productive day.

Book Progress?

I haven’t been writing enough. With everything that has been going on in the last two months it definitely has been rough. I do apologize for that, but hopefully once everything is under control (Blood Pressure, work, etc) I should be able to start focusing more on writing.

That being said, it hasn’t been completely without progress since my last update post. I have started working on “Waking Dream” again. I went and did something silly so i could work on it more often, which was to put a text editor on my phone. I primarily draft with my phone and will be doing my edits via a laptop/PC when i hit that stage. Then i went and created a new file and started from the point where i had hit a roadblock. Luckily, that actually helped eliminate some of the writer’s block that had me unable to continue the story.

It’s also with that same text editor that my last couple of poems were written, instead of just freewriting into wordpress itself. It has definitely given me more options.

Do enjoy your day and will see you back here again soon as I can!

Stress Management: Write it Out

Control your stress.
Control your anger.
Keep a smile on your face.

Saying this to myself every day from now on.

I have been put on blood pressure meds. Nothing outside the norm considering my family history but it does not feel too great to be told that it needs to come down. Pulmonary Hypertension is not a good thing, right?

So one of the ways to destress and bring my blood pressure down is to start “Writing it Out.” A wonderful way to get back into writing. I have had a very long month last month and this one didnt start the greatest either.

In other news: Three years of marriage! Woot!

Not the easiest thing in the world but if you can get past the setbacks you will find it all worthwhile in the end.

Have a wonderful day. I wont promise more content yet, but i will try.