I’m Not Dead

“I can’t believe I died last night. Oh God I’m dead again” Type O Negative.

My writer died. Well, kind of. The muse croaked for a few months, was replaced just yesterday. Today, the old muse is alive but she hasn’t started kicking much, yet, and the new one just said “Oh hell no!”

But it has been far too long since I’ve been able to post on here. So maybe some updates are in order.

I’m no longer keeping anything up on Wattpad. That’s right, Wattpad is dead to me. It focuses far too much on those who already get reads and never enough for those starting out. Basically, testing the waters failed miserably.

My novel project, “Waking Dream” is on hiatus. At least I can restructure my writing habits and the story itself where I’m stuck at, anyways. I’m currently working on a short story for publication in the future, as well as trying to get back into my old posting habits. We shall see on that one, right?

Anyways, when life gives you lemons and you can’t make lemonade, at least tell life to piss off so you can do the fun stuff!


Saturday Update

Latest on “Waking Dream”

Chapter 2 is now available on Wattpad! For those who like to read, subscribe and vote, here is your link:
Link stuff for peoples
In other news, have been making further progress in the story of David. Some of this stuff twists in interesting yet definitive ways, searching for meaning, guessing towards the afterlife, among other subtle themes included in the story. I don’t have the word count on hand, but 22 chapters have been (mostly) finished with a goal of thrice that number. Need to get back into actually writing more, but life be tough currently and I just need to stop letting me get distracted!

Happy drafting!


Marketing is 99% of the writing game, or so research tells it. Well, it’s 99% self marketing and 1% done by publishers once a book is published, unless you’re already established. But since I’m no Steven King, I guess I gotta do this myself, haha!

Latest post is The Morning After

Next post is hopefully going to be done for Monday afternoon.

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New Project?

So, I had been toying with a new idea for a long while but have only just recently created it. The project is called “Dark Authors United”, and is meant to be a place to find authors of similar styles and interests.

Generally, the current rendition allows for contributions, comments on authors that people should check out, and even has the possibility of a monthly magazine release, free of charge.

If it grows well enough, I do plan on adding admins, contributing authors and monthly themes. But first, it needs to grow! So today, I’m posting to advertise the new site over at Dark Authors United. Come check out what’s already in the works!


Scattered Dreams and High Fantasy

I haven’t posted in some time, and I really need to get this down before it slips to the back of my mind like everything else as of late.

I am failing at getting any writing done. Period. The last bit I wrote in my novel was two weeks ago, and that’s not good. I got stuck, bad, but now I have realized why. I was originally writing a low fantasy, more realistic in terms of view and direction, but now I have come to realize that it isn’t a low fantasy novel. It has morphed into high fantasy.

At least, in my definition of the terms. I could be wrong. But originally I was more writing a book on discovering magic that had purpose, but wasn’t the only thing the book was about. Now the magic seems to be taking center stage, while still keeping the main theme in place. The sub plot that is being worked on now is where I got stuck, though, with a discovery that I am starting to believe should be postponed til later on but the awakening phase is what matters most at this point… and introducing differing points of view that are integral to the story itself.

Now I know I am just rambling right now, but that’s better than nothing, right? Maybe I’ll be more coherent in my next post.

Until then!

¡Adiós, Buenos noches!