Teaser Chapter; Waking Nightmare.

This is a chapter from Waking Dream. Not telling where! This one took a very unexpected twist when I wrote it. Enjoy, and let me know what you guys think!

​Frigid air flows around me. I cannot see, for black enfold my vision. My body felt chilled deep to the bone. Each breath I take shatters frozen ice off of my lungs. It was as if the ice cold grip of death had taken hold of me.

My thoughts whirled. Had I not passed the trials? Had I caused my own undoing? How strong was the magic I used against the beast of sands? Blue tinged became visible as I spun in the void once more. Stalactites of pure ice formed within my field of view. The haunting, slow, reverberating sobs that I have heard in this field before call out to me again.

But the ice formed into a solid platform. My feet touched ground, and everything around me turned blue. Cavernous walls stretched for miles before me, with no end in sight. Behind me was a giant wall, as if I was stuck beneath a glacier. I reached out and touched the wall and my own image came forth. I looked younger, stronger than I remember but the facial details were the same.

I nodded, turned and the image did the same. I stepped back, but the image stepped forward, through the wall and stood before me, real as real can get. My hand touched my blade instinctively, and the doppelganger smiled.

“Stay your blade. For this trial is not a test of strength in arms.”

That was my voice! I let my hand fall from the hilt, staring at the cold menace that was forming on the face of my twin. “Do you have a name?”

The expression turned even colder. “I’m you, David. I embody all that you are and were. All that will ever be.” It grinned, then turned to the wall. “Why do you think you have been brought here, David? This ice tomb, for that is what this place is, is home to what?”

I pondered for a time. I did not know the answer, and admitted it.

“Then let me explain. This is the inside of your very soul. Your existence. This place, here, is how your soul was when it was forged. Cold, unknown, without a true form. Let’s take a walk, shall we?”

The twin began to walk past me. I was dumbfounded, not sure as to where this would go, so I turned and followed him. We walked for a time before the walls began to take on a more structured look. Doors began to dot the hall, each one crude at first.

“This is your memory. This long hall reaches for a good while. Each door represents a stage of life from birth to death. The first several are crude, barely built.” He abruptly stopped, turned to the right, and tapped the door. “Let’s take a look at this one.”

The door opened, and immediately we were transported to another place, another time. I barely recognized it, but I knew where we were. It was the house my parents had when I was just a toddler of three. Sitting there, on the couch was my half drunk father, my mother sobbing at his side as my lithe, young form waltz through the house, not knowing what was truly going on.

“This would be before the lengthy divorce, I believe. A sad time for your mother, which led to you being raised solely by her.”

With that, the room faded, and we continued down the hall. Each door became stronger, better built, and more frequent. The formative years, I guessed. Soon, the walls were nothing but door after door. Finally, we stopped at a dead end. The sudden change in the walls turned from grey to burnt red, and there was no floor going beyond.

“This, my friend, is where your trial begins. You have learned of who you are, but where in your life are we that it ends so abruptly. Tell me wrong, you die. Tell me right, you’ll surpass the worst challenge any mortal has ever been faced with.”

I nodded. I understood what was meant.

“This is where I was pulled from my true life, isn’t it?”

The doppelganger smiled. The entirety of his demeanor changed, and his form began to change. Wings sprouted from his back, his hair changed to a solid gold and began flowing to the floor. His face became angelic, a soft, sad smile taking over.

“You nearly died that day. Instead, someone has pulled you from that world to the one you found yourself in. Since then, your true life is still going, but in a coma. Only an hour has passed, but your fiance still sits at your side as you are being rushed to a hospital. But this trial was a farce. Truth was that I was sent to retrieve you.”

I stared into the oceans of his eyes. If all that were true, then why walk me through this hall? The angel lowered into a deep bow. “It seems I have been discovered by your benefactor. I must take my leave. Farewell.”

The angel departed with a puff of white smoke. The walls shook, the floor beneath me gave way, and soon I was falling back through the void once more.


Waking Dream: Prologue on Wattpad

I have come to the decision to post part of, but not all of, my work on the novel Waking Dream on Wattpad. Every Saturday I will publish a chapter until I hit chapter 20. Doing this will hopefully get me motivated enough to write Waking Dream to completion.

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Waking Dream on Wattpad

Waking Dream Sample Chapter

Chapter 2

Darkness surrounded me. I heard a distant scream that rang like bells through the silence, followed by sobs. The noises were slow, as if coming to me from a low speed tape recording. The crying and sobbing resounded pain through my chest, and for a moment I had thought that it was my own. I reach through the darkness as if to pull a veil from over my eyes but I only caught sight of my own hand. I clench my fingers into my palm, my knuckles turning white but it didn’t feel like my own hand.

I began to think that it was a dream that I was in. The distant sounds grew more distant, but I could still hear the tones that told me who was crying. It wasn’t me, but the woman from a world where I belonged. A woman I cared for and loved, who shared years of joy and happiness with me. I started feeling light fall onto me, a light that could not be seen at first. Soon I began to realize that I was still connected to my own body from home, but could not find the line to reel me back to my world. I started reaching and groping in the darkness, flailing in the void.

My movements began to cause ripples in the void around me. Soon, pockets of white and black became visible to me. In the distance the noises faded, and it felt like all my movements where sending me farther away from it. I wished and begged to return home but yet still I fell through light and darkness. I started seeing colors appear, contrasting and saturating around me.

 I found myself standing at the edge of a cliff. I could see grass between my toes as I stared downwards, into a ravine that went straight down where till no light could penetrate. I look up towards the sky, and my heart soon sank into my stomach. The sky was a mixture of all colors, swirling into a vortex if light and darkness. The surreal visual was dark and eerie, like the pit of hell was staring me in the face.

“You should not be here…” a voice called out to me. The voice was both deep and high, like two people talking at once. “The stage is not set for you yet, mortal…”

I did not understand what was meant by the disembodied voice. Soon, everything around me began to swirl once more and then, I could not discern my existence.

Waking Dream: Nightmare Fall

Who knew that life can change so fast? I don’t know if I had died or what really happened.

I remember being on a sidewalk in a well-manicured neighborhood, leaning against my car. I take in the scenery as I smoke a cigarette, from the two storied house before me to the recently cut lawn. I remember smiling as my eyes follow a white wooden fence, the systematic pattern of space between wooden spokes. I even remember the scent of the cigarette and its taste, while my eyes continue to admire the blue and white walls of the house.

I turn away from the house, glancing up and down the street as my free hand reaches for the handle of my red, two door sports car. I duck as I lean inside the car, smashing the cigarette butt into the built in ash tray. With that done, my hand dives past the middle console between driver and passenger seats, finding the bouquet of flowers I had brought. I gingerly pick it up before bringing my body back from inside the car. I close the car door and turn to once more face the house.

“She will be out soon,” I remember thinking. After a short sigh, my smile returns to my face. After only a moment, the front door of the house begins to open inward. At first I can only see the silhouette of a woman behind the door until it is fully opened. I smile even more as I take in her long, flowing red hair that frame a blushing, lightly tanned face. A bright smile beams from her face as she takes me in, and I thought I caught a glint in her greenish brown eyes from the twenty foot distance between us. A lilting, soft voice rings from her slender frame, letting me know she was coming. I was watching her blue and white dress flew around her as she turned to pull the door shut from behind her.

I blink and in place of the usual blackness of the motion I thought I caught a glimpse of something. As she begins to descend the stairs of her porch, I could feel my eyes get heavy suddenly. Each blink was longer than the last, and each time the scene within grew stronger, more vivid. As she gets nearer, her expression changes to concern, speeding up her moderate pace. She speaks but I do not hear her, and her hand reaches to touch my arm. Before she makes contact, I no longer can keep my eyes open.

Suddenly it felt like I was falling. My last glimpse of the world around me contained her beautiful face wrapped in sorrow and despair. It felt as though tears were streaming through my eyes but yet I had no longer a physical form. I
fell endlessly through a tunnel, it seemed, with no light or dark in it. Just the feeling of empty existence.

All I remember wanting in that peering moment of fright and despair was for it to end. And as suddenly as it had all started, it stopped and I no longer know what had become of me. I could feel my consciousness dissipating and the existence I once knew was gone. It felt cold, my essence draining from me slowly as what little of what was left in my mind began to sleep. And in that last moment I felt glad, and just wished the nightmare was over.

But it had only just begun.

This is the intro for a novel I had started about 2 and a half years ago and work on from time to time. I wanted to get some feedback about it and to see what people thought. Is it grabbing your attention? Is there some grammatical error? let me know.