Lost in Love?

Love, a wonderful battlefield.
Worrying, wondering and wandering
Lost, in love and gone
Unsure, always under stress
Always waiting for an unsure end
Lost, in love
With someone who you can never tell
With a life that could be gone in instants
A wanderer walks this battlefield
Watching for the next attack, the next fight
Eventually, one day,
The battle will be over
Who won, who lost?
Neither, for we all die, lost in love.


100th Post Blues

100th post,
Freestyle, chilling
Cold sweat, fever
Fear of what is foretold

A land of dreams,
Turned, twisted,
Blues beyond the soul

Boxed up, drafted,
Re-routed until posted
Still unsure
Of where to go.

Wonder, wanderer,
Unattended flounderer,
Written oceans
Darkened by the unknown

Find light,
Go forth,
Conquer fear and fright
For beyond…

Is post 101.

Hurray. After three days of battling the 100th post blues, I finally decided to post it. This marks a new milestone so soon after my previous one (100 followers) as my 100th Post here on wordpress. Yay, milestones.

Have a great day

The Black Feather

A single feather falls

Black as night without a star

Fine, supple bristles

With little sign of wear

The feather comes down

Slowly, without effect from wind

Falling from somewhere high above

Purposeless now, without its friends

Simply falling for the sake of falling

But upon landing, it is gripped.

Given new purpose from a face of wonder

A body of youth

A child’s simple smile

Holding this beautiful feather

With the wonders of the world held within.


Firing up them engines,
Revving loudly, staring ahead
Opponent besides, also igniting
Red light, yellow light, green light

Sweat beading, speeding faster
Burning through fuel on an empty tank.
Wheels turning at a burning rate.
Everything is blurring around.

Checkered flag in sight.

written for the A to Z 2016 Challenge.