Finding it pleasing
The beauty in your eyes
The smile they reflect
The same as the skies

It is saddening,
When those eyes close,
For I can’t see within them,
For all heaven knows

I miss your beauty,
The scars on my heart
The world is so cruel,
Having torn us apart.

But one day I’ll see you,
And the beauty you retain
For when it is my time,
I’ll see you once again

Written for the A to Z 2016 Challenge.

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Honestly not sure about how I feel with this one. The last verse is bugging the hell out of me.


An Ode to Writer’s Block

And here I am, silently waiting
for a habit I fear of breaking
A written promise that I am abound
But which I cannot make a sound

The white space blank and barren
Of solitude and places to abandon
Something that I always will hate
Writer’s block that will not disapate

Written form, one so old
Dearest of all that is foretold
A quiet, desolate, bounded fear
One I wish would just disappear

I hate this block, of an author’s undoing
Blocked of all words once so soothing.
Making past a deadline but then
Writer’s block is gone again.

Rendered Souls

Stark reality
Fading, dreaming
Rendered souls
Life with meaning

Financial distribution
Heavy handed lies
But the soul remains
Looking quietly at the skies.

I lose my mind every time
Thinking beyond the current dreams
Wandering, musing
Returning back to age old themes

A world, whole world
Violence and hatred abound
If only their rendered souls
Would stop, and turn it around

Copyright 2016 by Richard P.

Culture Storm


Weird they were, dancing
Prancing to an unheard tune
Dancing without care


Culturally dismissive,
Undeniably decisive.
Naturally selective,
Unheard, and possessive

Rainbows and parades
Panic for the elderly
For in a culture of charades
Being true to oneself? Ungodly.

But the times are a changing
Cultures having to shift
Traditions are falling
For the new norm to fit.

All works above (c) Richard P. 2016
Originally posted on RenderedSouls