Encounters: Explanation

Welcome to the world of the “Encounters” stories.

Encounters is a project thought up originally by Richard P, working loosely  with another author who goes by the “BlackCherriess

The stories of Encounters currently revolve around four perspectives, as follows:

1: Owen, a main character, fights for what he believes to be the good fight.
2: Savius Ravenwing, a protagonist in this war for the fairy world.
3: a female character written entirely by BlackCherriess, whose name is currently not known in the stories.
4: a general, 3rd person omnipotence that explains the world and it’s war, ways of life, etc.

Below is the description for the world as a whole.

Over a millenia ago, the world of magic and mythical creatures seperated itself from the constant wars of the human world, creating a world of its own far, far away. The worlds are still interconnected in a form of a Gate, who is guarded by the Three. The council of the Three is consisted of the King and Queen of the original fairy people, Oberon and Titania, as well as the feather winged original son, Maximilian the Gold.

The Three never move from their gilded hall, to ensure that the Gate remains locked away for all time. Savius, the assumed leader of the black army, intends to dethrone the Three, and to merge the mythic world of Ardenia with the human world so he could rule both worlds.

Owen is one of the only feathered fairy to have ever battled with Savius, their battles brutal and bloody.

The third character is shrouded in mystery. Everything about her will be revealed in time.