Returning To Writing – Krystal’s Path

It has definitely been a very long time since I last posted. I stopped writing to pursue other interests but with as much time I have had on my hand the last couple weeks I’ve finally returned to writing.

But it isn’t on my Waking Dreams novel. As much as I love the story as it is, but I’m currently stuck on one of the chapters. I’ve thought about skipping it and working on another one but then I’d have to back write the previous chapter.

So instead, I’ve come up with a new approach. I started writing on Krystal’s Path, a short story set in the same world as Waking Dreams. I’ll eventually need to change the title but its all still a work in progress anyways. But with this story comes some challenges I wouldn’t have faced while writing Waking Dreams. Mostly, it’s still a first-person narrative, but the viewpoint is feminine instead of masculine. And as a male that has proven tough one more than one occasion.

But the story is definitely fun. In its current form, it’s definitely going to need a lot of edits once the first draft is finished. But right now I’m focusing purely on getting through the story and its needs. Maybe once I’m done with the draft and some re-reading, I’ll get it polished to be far better.

And maybe with getting back into writing I can start writing my short or flash fiction stories again. I’ve definitely not been doing those as of most of the last year. So here’s to hoping I can get back into everything again.


Saturday Updates

I guess updates are a Saturday kind of thing for me. So let’s get this thing a rollin’, shall we?

Today, I have posted chapter 3 of Waking Dream on Wattpad. Eventually I will get the tags done right and try to start drawing in readers. But let me summarize the kind if book it is below.

Waking Dream is a fantasy adventure novel, with a strong reliance on personal introspection and character growth, as well as some metaphysical themes that draws into question about reality as a whole.

The main character is David, who lived in our world. As he waits to see his longtime love for a date, he suddenly feels weak, and falls. Instead of Falling to the ground, he is pulled through the void to wake in a world completely different from our own. A world of magic and mystery. He feels that he is pushed to some unmentioned destiny, as angels, demons and other metaphysical beings try to return him to his true home.

How he survives, and where he goes, is all on learning to control his powers and his reality as a whole.

You can find the Wattpad version here.

Novel News:

Waking Dream has finally surpassed the 25k words mark! Current word count is at 25,095! I feel that I’m only about a quarter of the way through the books story, so I have quite a ways to go.

I have two current covers designated for the book, but those will be changed over time as the book progresses, or until I get an awesome artist to render me a strong cover. The cover designs are below.

Yes, the second version was literally made completely by yours truly. I don’t use art programs as much as I used to so it’s not perfect, but I will eventually get the design down and done right.

You can read the teaser chapter I released almost two weeks ago here for a better perspective about the deeper themes available in the book. And as always, I would love to hear what you guys think!

75 Follows Can Soon Be 100?

Today I want to talk about progress.

Progress in novel writing isnt going too well. Me, the wife and both boys have been sick over the past week and even before that my other full time commitment has been brutal. I hopefully can start working that out soon.

Now, about this A to Z challenge. One of my posts broke my current record for most liked. From 16 to over 20 now. Hurray. Hoping the rest of the month’s challenge works out just as well.

My other current challenge, the 100 days of Writing, is still being worked on. But most of it has been written longhand and typing it up for WordPress has been a bit of a pain since then. Sorry about that.

I will also try to return to both my regular short story posts and my Barstool Conversation style within the next week, as well as a couple others.

Finally hit 75 followers today! Now my goal is to get to 100. Might do a contest after that, but haven’t decided yet.

I hope everyone else is having an equally productive month! See you all back here tomorrow.

Richard P.


Cause lord knows I need to set some, don’t I?

Well, more than the ones I have already set for myself. There are some I really need to adhere to in the previously attached link, but I also need to set my goals for the blog a bit better than I have.

Honestly, I haven’t been participating in community challenges, or hardly anything else, for various reasons. Some of them are due to my own life needs, and others just cause I’m lazy. Well, more the latter of the two. I really have been lazy. Most of my posts are raw, unedited writings without any form of editing and sometimes not even proofread. Not a good thing either, which might be why I get a lot of views without a whole lot of likes, heh.

So here are my goals for the rest of the year, blog wise.

  • Complete challenges
  • Write based on Prompts
  • Write more content, PERIOD, and more often
  • Write something at least two times a day three days a week

Now just need to superglue those goals to my brain and get it done.

Does setting goals for yourself help with your writing? Let me know!

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Feeling Underwhelmed


Image from here.


Sometimes, I just wonder what I am doing. Sometimes I just feel that what work I do isn’t good enough. Sometimes I just feel that what I do isn’t inspiring, isn’t worthwhile. Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like my work is just too underwhelming.

More often then not, I just see likes, maybe a comment here and there. Views means little, and actual visitors are few and far between. My attempts to be involved in the community seems to give nothing back.

And that just leaves me feeling very… depressed.

I do know that this is just a feeling that will pass. It’s not that my work isn’t appreciated, liked or what have you. It’s just I’m in a market, a medium, that is far overpopulated. My pieces are not connecting to the right audience. At least, that’s what I feel more and more often.

Maybe it’s the tags I use? Maybe it’s not. I wonder a lot about why I worry so much about the seemingly lackluster stats, my large gap between actual views and likes.

But it’s all in passing. I have more to offer, I’m not a quitter. I will continue to pump out more content, more work. My content types will be more varied, more stories and poems and artwork and any other skill I have will be used to the best of my abilities. I will get stronger as a writer/artist. I will get more follows, likes, comments, etc. Won’t I?

Only time will tell the truth of it all.

Switching Roles

Switching Roles;
The reason to write as a different gender

Okay, so I’ve started a new piece designed to go towards a new pile I’m starting, called the “To Be Published Pile”. Basically, instead of just writing for blog posts, to start venturing into the world of publishing, either self or otherwise.

Interestingly, the point of view is different from most of my work to date. I usually write from a male first person narrative or from a third person point of view. But due to a certain story I intend to write in the future, I needed to learn a different perspective. One that I have yet to toy with.

That is, I have never written from a female point of view, at all. It is completely new to me. When I started writing the new piece it was easy because I had started it like any other, placing myself in the situation rather than placing a character. But upon further consideration I came to the conclusion that the story would be better with a female lead rather than a male lead.

Writing as a whole is still new but I wanted to see what other people have to say on writing for different genders. Any tips I should know or kernels of wisdom to share? My comments section is always open, just drop me a line there.

In other news, I have changed themes for the month of February. I feel better with the lighter tones than the dark ones from the one I originally chose, which was Cyanotype. Plus, I also updated the two sidebars and am working on the about me/contact pages and any other pages or links I may need to add in the menu. The theme also works well for mobile and tablets, though the Facebook widget doesn’t show on the menu. Works for me, though will be tweaking it as the month rolls on.

I have also decided to cancel further use of the Virtual Coffee Shop weekly update posts until further notice. I like the idea and hope to resume them in a month or so, but I have a few things in mind to hopefully have done before I get to that point.

Hope everyone has a great week!