Sundance, an ancient art. A ritualistic fusion of primal dance and doped adrenaline escapades into the mind. A scent more foul than ancient sewers assaulted my nose, along with a mixture of acrid flesh and boiling water.

I had been bound, held without regard on charges only these tribesmen know. What was left of the rest of my expedition crew lain in course piles on the ground. The thunderous, rolling beats of their drums scared off all other creatures, nary a single flap of a wing could be seen through the clear, bright sky.

I wondered, maddened by my surroundings, at what fate I had in store. I had gave up my god days ago, months of capture proving how prayer never worked. I begged forgiveness, now, as the sharp, shrill cry of a blade to stone called out through the rest of the cacophony.

May you all burn in hell, I thought, as the spear tip raised from stone and pointed towards me.

May you all burn in hell.

Image source: Roberto Pazzi/Daily Mail UK


Returning Home

Its almost midnight. I’ve been in Florida since Friday, and here it is almost Tuesday. I have had some fun throughout the weekend but this was a company conference so there was plenty of meetings to be a part of.

Of all the things going through my mind, one thought stands above all; I’m ready to go home. And by that i mean all aspects of home. Work, and seeing how things have gone in my absence. Home, to see my boys and my loving wife whom all I have missed these last few days. But also to take what I have seen and learned and to apply it.

All that said, I hope that my flight home is uneventful and easy. I also hope that once I am home, I can get back into my writings and go from there. I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

Saying “Hello” From Florida

I’m up early on a beautiful Saturday morning in the state of Florida. I’m at a resort called Gaylord Palms, which is lovely. I might be staying with some stranger in the double room here but I didn’t figure I would have slept so well.

Yesterday was interesting. If you have read my previous post, you would know that yesterday I flew for the first time. Went from Abilene Regional Airport to the DFW, connected flight to florida. The flights both went very well, though I thought my ears were going to burst on the descent into florida.

Now I’m going to go and get started on all the wonderful events I’m here for. Catch you all on Tuesday once I’ve returned!


Today is the first time I will have ever flown. I’m apprehensive, but also excited at the same time.

The mixed feelings stem from a long wish to fly the world and a real worry caused by years of news of missing or crashing flights. I cant remember if it was the first Final Destination or one of the subsequent ones, but in it the very first scene involved a plane crash of some type. So I image that a lot of people are equally as mixed about flying as I am.

I’m just hoping that both flights today and my one for next week are all equally uneventful and fun.

Wish me luck!

Saturday Update

Latest on “Waking Dream”

Chapter 2 is now available on Wattpad! For those who like to read, subscribe and vote, here is your link:
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In other news, have been making further progress in the story of David. Some of this stuff twists in interesting yet definitive ways, searching for meaning, guessing towards the afterlife, among other subtle themes included in the story. I don’t have the word count on hand, but 22 chapters have been (mostly) finished with a goal of thrice that number. Need to get back into actually writing more, but life be tough currently and I just need to stop letting me get distracted!

Happy drafting!

Live Long, First.

“Live long and prosper” – Spock

So I had a doctor’s appointment today that didn’t go very well. Honestly, yes, I admit I have not always been a healthy person so it did not come as much surprise to me. But the short of it is that at the ripe young age of 28, I have high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Yikes, not good.

Not going to go into detail over my poor eyes or my need of a dentist (which isn’t too bad, actually) but let’s talk about being healthy.

Just because you feel generally healthy does not mean you are. Cholesterol and blood pressure are just some of the warning signs. Mine are high, but not so high they’re deadly and catching them now gives me a chance to build up to a better, healthier living and keep going strong for years to come. So learning how to completely change my routine to better live to see my boys off to college and beyond is a new step for me.

Smoking be damned, there are several other things I was poor about throughout the last decade that I have to get better at. Today’s going to be about dieting and exercise, since those together will give me the greatest chances.

The doctor recommended a low fat diet, but gave no actual plan of action. That’s something you’ll need a nutritionist to figure out what would be best. But he did say not to fall for certain fab diets, and that “low fat” foods aren’t exactly the best way to go, either. I manage a kitchen like thing that serves fried foods as its main course, but the company as a whole is going for healthier options.

That being said, it isn’t exactly a fast move. There is still the fried wings and starches like there is no tomorrow, but it sells. But when you’re in a hurry for something to snack on during a busy work day, that fried chicken is going to be a hell of a lot quicker to scarf down than a half chicken that had been baked. And far cheaper, too. That is one thing, sadly, I will have to stop doing. Probably be best to stop eating work’s food all together and bring healthier snacks and lunches each day. That transition will not be easy by a long shot, but what’s there to say?

Then there is the “not enough time to cook” dilemma that needs to be addressed. Not just that I need to stop eating out so much for monetary reasons, but to lower the nasty bad cholesterol where my major source is. Cooking healthy foods and maintaining a good strong eating routine will be in the works. Hopefully it works out pretty well.

Exercise is a topic for another day. Walking all day ain’t cutting it, so there’s definitely going to be some hard changes a coming for that. Hopefully my bad numbers start coming down and my good ones start going up, but this is a chapter in my book of life I must start if I want to see the “Happily Ever After” ending, am I right?

Anyways! I hope you all have a great day, take advantage of your physicians if you have one, or get one and/or insurance if you don’t, and let’s all live to see “Happily Ever After” together!


The return of the barstool conversations. This time, while drunk! Maybe…

“I wonder why the room keeps spinning.” He shuffled uneasily, spilling a bit of his vodka.

“Maybe it’s because you’re drunk?” I had to open my mouth, maybe I was drunk this time.

“Thought it was that little two-step spin play, there.” The bartender spun around once or twice, a bit of delight lighting her usually grim face.

“Maybe it was, lass. But I can’t tell. How bout another drink?” 

“How bout tomorrow, last call is over.” Shut down. I always smiled at her unusual coolness.

Been a while since I posted one of these. These are a bit quirky and fun to write.