Returning Home

Its almost midnight. I’ve been in Florida since Friday, and here it is almost Tuesday. I have had some fun throughout the weekend but this was a company conference so there was plenty of meetings to be a part of.

Of all the things going through my mind, one thought stands above all; I’m ready to go home. And by that i mean all aspects of home. Work, and seeing how things have gone in my absence. Home, to see my boys and my loving wife whom all I have missed these last few days. But also to take what I have seen and learned and to apply it.

All that said, I hope that my flight home is uneventful and easy. I also hope that once I am home, I can get back into my writings and go from there. I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!


Saturday Update

Latest on “Waking Dream”

Chapter 2 is now available on Wattpad! For those who like to read, subscribe and vote, here is your link:
Link stuff for peoples
In other news, have been making further progress in the story of David. Some of this stuff twists in interesting yet definitive ways, searching for meaning, guessing towards the afterlife, among other subtle themes included in the story. I don’t have the word count on hand, but 22 chapters have been (mostly) finished with a goal of thrice that number. Need to get back into actually writing more, but life be tough currently and I just need to stop letting me get distracted!

Happy drafting!

Reblog: Je t’aime by BlackCherries

It’s been a long time since I have seen this author post, but she is one astounding author. Her ability to write is inspiring, and so I wanted to take a moment to share her work with you all.



some nights i can’t seem to fall asleep i lie there like a super computer computing a thousand and one thoughts i think about you, about us i think about the essay i’ve to finish i thin…

Source: Je t’aime

Lost in Love?

Love, a wonderful battlefield.
Worrying, wondering and wandering
Lost, in love and gone
Unsure, always under stress
Always waiting for an unsure end
Lost, in love
With someone who you can never tell
With a life that could be gone in instants
A wanderer walks this battlefield
Watching for the next attack, the next fight
Eventually, one day,
The battle will be over
Who won, who lost?
Neither, for we all die, lost in love.

Like a Spanish Love Song

Like a spanish love song,

You walked into my life like a slow melody

And passed me by like a crack in the record.

Then you turned my way as I softly sipped away

And I barely caught your shifting smile behind my glass.

A smile turned into courage,

A dance on the floor, then two.

And as the last notes played,

Like the fading into night,

We disappeared into the depths,

Of yet another love song

One we wrote ourselves

With our dances the beat,

And our kisses the melody.


Finding it pleasing
The beauty in your eyes
The smile they reflect
The same as the skies

It is saddening,
When those eyes close,
For I can’t see within them,
For all heaven knows

I miss your beauty,
The scars on my heart
The world is so cruel,
Having torn us apart.

But one day I’ll see you,
And the beauty you retain
For when it is my time,
I’ll see you once again

Written for the A to Z 2016 Challenge.

Full details and list of posts for this challenge or any others is located here.

Honestly not sure about how I feel with this one. The last verse is bugging the hell out of me.


“Look over there, darling. Have you ever seen anything this spectacular?”

I was excited about the fair. I wanted to go on every ride, play every game. I have never been, and when he asked me to go with him, I could not contain my enthusiasm. Not just for the fair, but also for the chance of being with the cutest guy on campus.

Day 2 of 100 for the 100 Day Writing Challenge: Emotions