“Why is it that I can’t get over this.”

I cheated first, long ago. I shouldn’t have but you were living miles away and someone came around who was closer. I was foolish then. And I admitted to that mistake. A mistake you shoved in my face for years to come.

Then you did it. We had been married now for a while. But you wanted the divorce. A divorce I never wanted. I knew what was in my heart. But you never saw that.

We fought. Constantly. Over things trivial at best and redundant at worse. I moved out, you got worse. Selfishness, greed. That boy you had then could have never amounted to what I had tried to build with you.

Then, months later, your tears falling on the floor of a courtroom. Delayed by two weeks, the hearing that would begin our divorce in earnest. Not even twenty four hours later I was the one taking you away from someone hell bent on destroying everything you had left.

We canceled the divorce ten months ago, living together once again and yet… I still can’t get over what had happened. Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel you are still going behind my back. Far too often than not, I wonder what is really going on while I’m away at work.

But it’s wrong. You had taken strides to prove to me that what I feared was happening was all in my head. Why can’t I just let go…

But I will have to, before it destroys us again…


Soul Sovereign


Darkness washed from within him. His body cloaked in the depths of depravity and evil. His eyes glinted red from behind a mass of fallen, matted black hair that fell in every direction. His mind ran for miles in seconds, schemes of death and destruction cascading into lucid dreams and pure hatred.

Before him laid the crumpled body of a warrior with golden wings. A broken bronze gladius laid before the body, who twitched in what the evil one could only imagine as the most horrendous of death throws. He had pelted this warrior with the greatest of evil magics and the farther this warrior’s soul fell, the more he fed off of it.

He will be the Soul Sovereign. The corrupter of a world who never could dream of the depths of his presence. He will win his war, he thought, as he began to withdraw from within his blackness, taking his normal form once more. Black wings tinged in red streaks begin to beat, lifting his body high into the sky.

With a breathe of air, Savius yelled out to all the worlds. “I will destroy you all!”

I felt that the artwork above, which I created, created the short story above. It is a new piece in the world of Encounters, based off of Savius’ perception. For more stories based off this world, check this page out!

Have a wonderful day, and let me know what you guys think!

Be my Druidess.


We often came here in the night. We have passed many moons and suns as we delved deeper into this dark forest. I still remember those nights of passion in beds of leaves and twigs. The deepness of the darkness as you held me close.

We were studying under the same master, of magic as old as history itself. We grew many plants and crops in our seperate gardens, and even more in our shared love in the forest.

The way you made me blush. The way you made my heart beat within my chest with the power of all the wind in the world. That one time you had made me feel truly special for the last time in my life before your passing. As I lay this withering rose on your grave for the tenth year since that day, I recite them once more.

“Be my druidess.”

Okay, a little something new for me. I’m not a big fan of romance writing, nor of most things related to romance. But for tonight, not only as seeing things in a different light and view, but as practice in a completely out of my comfort zone style.

Hope you enjoyed it! Leave me a comment below and tell me what you guys think.

She Never Smiled.

I knew this young woman who worked at the coffee place I frequented a lot before I moved here. Her name was Jennifer, and she was sweet. She was a young college student who worked to pay her way through, but I always wondered why she never smiled.

I always started my mornings by going to this expensive shop and buying coffee there. I’d sit in a booth in the corner and would sit there, sipping away the hours as I worked on my next great novel. She would always pass by me and offer cream or sugar, or just a short conversation. Her face was golden and she had the look of someone who was always happy. I always enjoyed meeting her there every weekday morning before my trudge to hell, or what I called work at the time.

One time, I almost got her to smile. When I managed to get her to laugh, it was in short bursts that lasted a few seconds before they faded. I had always pictured her as being a family person, considering the diamond ring on her left hand, that maybe she only smiled around the love of her life. Maybe when she was away from her friends or loved ones she never smiled. I could never tell.

Then I got the call to transfer to a new city. I was elated, a new promotion and my latest book was selling well. That next morning I showed up at the coffee shop and she wasn’t there. When I asked around, I was saddened to find out that she had been killed in an auto accident, along with her then three year old son and her husband. It did answer my question as to why she never smiled, but the knowledge of that didn’t not give me closure.

I hope, in the great beyond, that she is smiling.

This is a work of Fiction. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental.