75 Follows Can Soon Be 100?

Today I want to talk about progress.

Progress in novel writing isnt going too well. Me, the wife and both boys have been sick over the past week and even before that my other full time commitment has been brutal. I hopefully can start working that out soon.

Now, about this A to Z challenge. One of my posts broke my current record for most liked. From 16 to over 20 now. Hurray. Hoping the rest of the month’s challenge works out just as well.

My other current challenge, the 100 days of Writing, is still being worked on. But most of it has been written longhand and typing it up for WordPress has been a bit of a pain since then. Sorry about that.

I will also try to return to both my regular short story posts and my Barstool Conversation style within the next week, as well as a couple others.

Finally hit 75 followers today! Now my goal is to get to 100. Might do a contest after that, but haven’t decided yet.

I hope everyone else is having an equally productive month! See you all back here tomorrow.

Richard P.


Writing Styles

So I’ve started a bit of a experiment in testing a different writing style. And wow, just wow.

And it’s not “Wow, look at all those likes! Everyone must be loving it!”, more like “so many likes, but very few views. Wow.”

So does the style of writing I use actually mean anything? With the two latest posts, Barstool Conversations 1 and 2, I have it set to show an excerpt which only says Barstool Conversations. One view on the most recent one means one person actually read the piece. The other one had five views, out of 15 likes (second most liked post I have ever had!)

All in all, I am thankful for the likes, and more appreciative of the actual views I get. Comments are 0 for both, which is the most disheartening thing about it all. Yeah, I’m not out to rule the world but I do still like to hear what people think about the pieces.

I have one more Barstool Conversations post coming in tomorrow, but if it gets similar results I may be returning to my usual writing style instead of doing multiple. I don’t know yet. Let’s see how this goes.

Hope everyone is having a great day, and see you all tomorrow with fresh posts AND the first post of a challenge I just picked up. Hurray for me.

Darkened: A Storm’s a Brewin’


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“A sudden change in wind patterns has brought a severe thunderstorm warning for this area…”

Douglass looks up from his fifth glass of whiskey. He could feel the storm coming in his bones. Surrounded by other patrons, he keeps his smile as he orders one more. The bartender nods, then Douglass continues his lighthearted conversation with a man to his left.

“They say it’ll be a bad one this time. Boss is cutting down by…”

“You ever hear of that crazy red-haired hero that was on TV the other day…?”

Conversations came and went but still he felt the presence coming. He stopped paying attention as the storm’s first roll of thunder could be felt in the air. He wondered why this particular one caught his attention. Storms come and go, he knows. He lays down the glass in his hand, running the other through his long black hair. Deep, peering green eyes fall on the empty glass on the bar, considering if he should have another or pay out for the night.

The stool to his right emptied, and another body slumped into it. After the new arrival ordered a drink, she turned to face Douglas and smiled. “Good to see you again, stranger.”

Douglass smiled, but it shortly faded as he felt the storm broil even stronger. The lady to his right caught the quick change in expression, her own changing to worry. “What’s wrong, that not even my being here isn’t lifting you up?”

Douglass was caught off guard for a second, then gave his usual mischievous grin. “Honestly, been wondering what Nordic god is coming my way. I pissed a lot of them off.”

This caused the woman to laugh, thinking the man was merely joking with her. After a few short seconds, her laughter subsided before she replied. “I thought the heathen gods were dead?”

Douglass smiled. She wasn’t far off, for most of them were, and an even larger number of older legends that history never told about. But he nodded his head, then smiled.

“I must be off, before the night grows too long. Same time tomorrow?”

The woman nodded, and Douglass left after paying his tab.

* * *

Just outside the door, lightning flashed. The sudden light showed something deeper than his slightly tanned white skin. The more the lightning flashed, the more the cracks behind his mask showed. He removed his heavy cloak as he slipped down a dark alley, despite the rain pelting down on him. With the coat removed, the spell on him broke, and large, black leathery wings shone in the intermittent flashing of lightning.

His wings lifted him straight into the air, his hair growing longer until it reached the middle of his back. The mask began to crumble away as a pale, cracked and scarred face began to show. The only thing that even resembled the man before was his deep, bright green eyes, though the whites were pale yellow.

He landed heavily on the top of a skyscraper in the center of downtown,
His eyes scanning the swirling black clouds that blocked all light from above. He could feel the presence from within the storm, one that felt akin to a lightning god he once faced. The swirling clouds intensified, forming a large funnel cloud that sped in his direction.

He takes flight, barely escaping the whirlwind that came for him. Where the funnel touched the stone a body formed, the clouds around it disapating as if they were never there. Douglass knew instantly who it was, a form that he had seen far too often throughout his life.

There stood his most hated enemy, a sorcerer whose power he had never been able to match. The sorcerer’s face was shrouded in black, his head hooded and body clothed in a heavy black and red robe. Deep from within the hood a voice called out, calling him by his true, demon name.

“It’s good to see you once more, Dark.”

Soul Sovereign


Darkness washed from within him. His body cloaked in the depths of depravity and evil. His eyes glinted red from behind a mass of fallen, matted black hair that fell in every direction. His mind ran for miles in seconds, schemes of death and destruction cascading into lucid dreams and pure hatred.

Before him laid the crumpled body of a warrior with golden wings. A broken bronze gladius laid before the body, who twitched in what the evil one could only imagine as the most horrendous of death throws. He had pelted this warrior with the greatest of evil magics and the farther this warrior’s soul fell, the more he fed off of it.

He will be the Soul Sovereign. The corrupter of a world who never could dream of the depths of his presence. He will win his war, he thought, as he began to withdraw from within his blackness, taking his normal form once more. Black wings tinged in red streaks begin to beat, lifting his body high into the sky.

With a breathe of air, Savius yelled out to all the worlds. “I will destroy you all!”

I felt that the artwork above, which I created, created the short story above. It is a new piece in the world of Encounters, based off of Savius’ perception. For more stories based off this world, check this page out!

Have a wonderful day, and let me know what you guys think!

Desire: Writing for Publishing

I’m sure that some of you to notice that I haven’t been posting much here lately. There is multitudes of reasons for this, sadly, but there are also some others that I do wish to share at this time.

I have a novel in the works. It’s in early drafting phase, which is some good while before it will be completed. It is temptatively titled: Waking Dream.

But I also wish to start working on a short story series under the “Encounters” world that I have created while working on this blog, and previous iterations of it I should say.

Though the original material will be lost for all time, I do know what the stories were and will be a blast to recreate and build up from. I’m going to be setting a goal for my first Encounters story to be published by December, earlier if I can get it completed, edited, and all that fun stuff before the December deadline.

Here’s to goals, and hope everyone is reaching theirs!!!

Richard Piland, Author to Be.


Just to inform, but I have also updated my Facebook page from it’s old name, “Darkened Oceans” to one more fit. I’ll also be changing the name, web address, and general feel of my blog here to further fit that end. So be sure to stop by often and let me know how it goes, as any comments and feedback are appreciated.

Data: Corrupted


Begin download.

As the machine hooked up to my head begins to whirl, I begin to let loose all fear, all emotions. I can feel my memories being pulled away, sucked away as if drawn by a vacuum.

Then u can feel my heart pulse as it too gers its core emotional affinity taken, downloading into a soul-less machine. Each minute, each second, feeling more and more raw by the minute. Percentages are called out around me, and the people who watch closely. They watch me die inside this body, being pulled into a virtual world that they have created.

And then I feel nothing. I can no longer discern scent nor sight. I felt like I was being drawn into a tiny tube, pulling me away from a now dead or dying form to one that required little to live. I could feel the pulsing of energy, of electricity and circuitry as I awaited within a virtual place. A holding cell of everything that they thought made me human, pulled from what once was human.

Transfer to digital complete.

Prepared to download to new host.

With this, I hope, I will be the first one to download completely into the new body. I hope to be the first android. The first to live beyond this point.

For many before me never managed to fully download. For them all, death was certain when they saw: DATA: CORRUPTED

Not the best story ever written, but I feel better now that it is out of my system. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

Note: image at top, and all other content in this post is purely my own work.